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The hard drive that never forgets

ArDrive was built to get permanent data into the hands of everyone. We offer a suite of open source apps that allow users to permanently upload, organize, secure, and share their data on Arweave, the world’s first permanent data protocol.
ArDrive Mobile for iOS - Coming Soon

Key Features

Pay once, store forever.

Eliminate subscription fees with our cost effective pay-as-you go model.

Create private or public drives

Your choice to make your files public or encrypt them so only you have access.

Share your files

Easily share each of your files, folders, or drives with whomever you wish.

Organize and manage files

Brings an intuitive and familiar experience to organize all your files.

Control your own data

Enjoy the benefits of total privacy, security, and extreme data redundancy on a decentralized network.

ArDrive Web V2 - Coming Soon

For End Users

ArDrive offers an intuitive and easy to use interface for anyone looking to store their most valuable files. Easily store all of your most important photos, files, videos, music safely and securely from anywhere and anyway you like.

For Developers

ArDrive core with ArFS can save you time and unlock powerful capabilities for your next Arweave project.


Arweave File System (ArFS) is a data modeling, storage, and retrieval protocol designed to emulate common file system operations and to provide aspects of mutability to your data hierarchy on Arweave's otherwise permanent, immutable data storage blockweave. It gives you the power and flexibility of a file system and total control over the privacy of your data on Arweave. ArFS works by implementing a privacy and encryption pattern and defining an append-only transaction data model using tags within Arweave Transaction headers.

Command Line Interface

The ArDrive CLI (Command Line Interface) is the best way to interact with ArDrive from the terminal and to bring the power of the Arweave File System to your automation and bulk file upload workflows. You can use the CLI to upload public or private files up to 2 GB, monitor network health and check transaction statuses. It also offers utility operations for securely interacting with Arweave wallets and inspecting various Arweave blockchain conditions.

ArDrive core-js

ArDrive core-js is the best way to programmatically interact with ArDrive in a Node.js environment. It is a TypeScript library that provides the essential building blocks that support the ArDrive CLI.