ar.io gateways

Your front door to the permaweb

🐘 Run reliable and performant systems for their own uses cases, their community, or even the whole permaweb

🐘 Becoming a gateway operator is currently one of the biggest opportunities in the Arweave ecosystem

🐘 A good operator will be able to generate revenue as they increase network traffic, optimize their servers, and take part in network governance

Key Features

Access the Permaweb

AR.IO Gateways that are joined in the AR.IO Network are easily discoverable, offer lower trust read, write and indexing services, receive network rewards and get access to its network data sharing layer.


Each Gateway is able to register with the “Gateway Address Registry”, where it can be easily discoverable by permaweb apps, and increase their own traffic and fees.


Uniquely configure your gateway for specific applications, use cases, community needs, or business model. Setup your gateway to serve the broader ecosystem or isolate it only for yourself. Run it on your own laptop or build a whole system around it and make it multi-cloud with redundancy and a robust cache. It is all up to you how you want to use it!


Gateways will be incentivized by the IO token. Operators can raise their profile by increasing the amount of IO Tokens staked, as well as, attract other community members who will delegate tokens while using revenue sharing mechanisms.


Share data with other gateway operators as you work together to provide efficient data retrieval to the larger Arweave ecosystem

What does a gateway operator do on the AR.IO network?

The various nodes on the ar.io Network, known as Gateways, are the interface between users and the Arweave network. Each Gateway acts like a “Permaweb Service Provider” and supports multiple, value-added, low-trust services for users and applications that need to read and write data on Arweave.

Gateway services are modular, extendable, and configurable to include:

  • 🐘 seeding layer one transactions to the greater Arweave network
  • 🐘 caching and serving chain and transaction data
  • 🐘 resolving friendly names to transaction data with the Arweave Name System
  • 🐘 indexing and querying layer one and two transactions
  • 🐘 proxy for Arweave nodes serving the Arweave HTTP API

What will be possible with decentralized gateways?

Opens the doors to increased development

Having to interact directly with the Arweave protocol or even just Arweave.net created a barrier for developers to build upon Arweave.

The technical skills needed to do so were not widespread and are, often, different from Web2. AR.IO gateways allow the developer to build on top of the Arweave protocol efficiently without having to interact directly with the protocol itself.

Onboard the next group of businesses and organizations to Arweave

With Arweave easier to access for developers an increase of businesses and organizations (and new types of applications) will be much faster and easier to onboard.

As an ecosystem we are already seeing people becoming more aware of the power of permanent data for their organization.

Move the permaweb towards mass adoption

Gateways will help establish the ar:// protocol and open up the Permaweb to new domain names (such as ArNS) and search queries.

It will become easier for the masses to see the utility and value of having their most important files and web pages saved permanently.

"We are blown away by the performance boost that the new ar.io gateways offer. Being able to receive 1000x more data per query is an absolute game changer when building applications on the permaweb." - Tate Barenbaum, Community Labs

"ar.io is a highly anticipated project, and it is expected to become the core basic gateway of the Arweave ecosystem" - Evelyn Chang, everVision