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Come one, come all.

Get involved with ar.io as a developer, gateway operator, content creator, or simply by exploring the permaweb.

Web3 puts control back into the hands of all its users and builders. Our first priority is building a community, knowing that the ar.io Network will become what we make of it together.

We are confident that we are only scratching the surface of what is to come, and are excited at the innovations that will be created in the coming years by our community.


We develop the protocols that help you build.

The ar.io Team is developing an expanding set of open-source infrastructure-focused protocols already adopted by the Arweave ecosystem:

  • Build apps on top of ArDrive with ArFS - Arweave File System
  • Give permaweb data a friendly name with ArNS - Arweave Name System
  • Connect your gateway and leverage the benefits of the incentivized ar.io Network with the ArIO Network Protocol
  • Products

    Decentralized, open-source, perma-products.

    The ar.io Team is behind a growing number of perma-products. Our flagship data storage platform, ArDrive, accounts for more than 10% of the weave with increasing user adoption.

    ArDrive is a cross-platform app, available on all modern web browsers and the Android and Apple (coming soon) app stores.

    Advanced users can use the flexible ArDrive Command Line Interface, and developers can integrate ArDrive-Core-JS to bring the Permaweb right into their app.

    All of our products are open-sourced and ready for your imagination.


    ar.io is the front door to the permaweb.

    The permaweb is just like the currently existing web, but everything published on it will be available forever. For users and builders, the permaweb will offer low-cost, zero maintenance, permanent hosting of their web apps, files, and web pages.

    In other words, the permaweb is the layer built on top of Arweave’s protocol, which is essentially a global permanent hard drive.

    The implications of a permaweb are significant. What if you never lost a file again? What if the web belonged to you and not big tech? Arweave’s permaweb is a globally distributed network that puts the power back in your hands.

    Step inside to explore what you can do with permanent data and its unmatched level of incentives and customization.

    The IO Token

    The token that incentivizes the permaweb.

    The IO Token (ɸ) can be used for ecosystem and on-chain governance, reward sharing, staking, and payments for services like Arweave Name System (ArNS). It will enable ar.io Gateways to operate under a low-trust model with the users of their service.

    950 TB downloaded ←
    16.6M new transactions indexed →

    September 2022 - arweave.net Stats