Note that ArNS is currently being tested, names registered during this phase will expire when testing is complete.


Friendly Names for the permaweb

The Arweave Name System is a simple way to name and find things stored on the permaweb. It's a smart contract based system that helps you find your data, apps, or websites on Arweave easily.

Forthcoming ArNS Web App - Register Domain Names

Key Features

Arweave for the masses.

Arweave data transaction IDs have become human readable, and will enable adoption of the permaweb.

Human Readable

Arweave transaction IDs are 43 case sensitive characters long, impossible to remember. ArNS matches that transaction ID to a friendly name in a decentralized way.

Google Searchable and Presentable

Show up looking legit in Google results - Google indexes the permaweb, and is going to look a lot more presentable than

Ownable Subdomains

Each ArNS name is given a token which provides ownership & allows it to be resold like an NFT.

Multiple Top Level Domains (TLDs)

ArNS Subdomains resolve through any gateway. This means that your ArNS is resolvable by multiple gateways. (TL;DR, TLDs are awesome.)

Manage Assets - Forthcoming ArNS Web App

More ArNS Benefits

Easier to remember

ArNS makes it easy to find things on the permaweb by using short and easy-to-remember names instead of long and hard-to-remember addresses. Did someone say ar://convenience?

A permanent record (immutably timestamped)

ArNS keeps a perfect record of all addresses and names, making it easy to find things from the past. The permaweb enables anybody to look back on data, websites, and applications exactly as they were published.

The ArNS Registry makes it easy and transparent to look back at what data was stored with an ArNS. Imagine being able to use Google from 2003 or the first version of Facebook - the ArNS Registry keeps perfect records of where your ArNS points. ar://tightness

SEO optimization

ArNS helps to improve the visibility and accessibility of permaweb addresses.

ArNS makes permaweb addresses look more professional in Google search results by allowing them to be found through multiple websites and subdomains. ar://dontletyourdreamsbedreams

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