AO Computer and AR.IO Gateways

AO, the Hyper Parallel Computer, has taken the Arweave ecosystem by storm.

The community, and those new to it, want to know how AO affects the projects already within the ecosystem. In this article, we look at what does for AO right now and what it can do in the future.

The clear synergy between & AO lies in the fact that AO is built on top of Arweave. How do users access the data created by AO and stored on Arweave? Through gateways!

The AR.IO Network of gateways provide an incentive for the data within Arweave (and produced by AO) to be served.

In addition to this gateway operators can set up AO infrastructure (cu, su, mu) that will prefer their own gateway.

This means developers can have the data and index of the things they care about locally to play around with without any rate limits or other restrictions.

Here are some early synergies between and AO:

  1. Local access for processes.

  2. Gateway webhooks allow triggering external server actions based on ao messages

  3. Cache & index the data you care about locally. No need to worry about a bottleneck at the community gateway.

  4. Run your own analytics and debugging on AO transactions.

As AO matures, there will be numerous directions it can take. Developers will look for easy access to control and play with the data they have created.

These are the early days of the AO computer. Our team is currently architecting and creating even more value for with AO. We are excited to release these to the community as they come to fruition.