Easiest Way to get started with AR.IO: The Network Portal

The AR.IO Network is open for anyone to use - from your strongest developer to your blockchain newbie. 

The easiest way to get started for anyone (and especially the newbie) is the AR.IO Network Portal. This platform is your one-stop shop for interacting with the AR.IO  Network.

For instance, with a few clicks of the mouse The Network Portal makes it easy for any IO token holder to stake to a gateway in the AR.IO Network and participate in that gateway.

The Network Portal provides a comprehensive view of the Gateway Address Registry (GAR), displaying detailed information about each active gateway, such as domain, address, total stake, status, reward share ratio, and historical performance. 

The Network Portal app is for:

  1. Non-technical users: No code. No machines. Delegate stake to gateways, allowing you to participate in network rewards without needing to run your own infrastructure.

  2. Gateway operators: Running a gateway earns rewards and contributes to Arweave’s decentralization and performance.
    Keep track of and configure everything related to your gateway, including those hard earned rewards.

Easily setup your gateway in 15 to 30 minutes.

  1. Permaweb enthusiasts who want to explore the full list of gateways in the AR.IO Network

  2. Running observations against online gateways in the AR.IO Network to earn rewards 

Go to the AR.IO Network Portal

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