How can you use the tIO Token?

The tIO token serves two purposes in the AR.IO Network: Paying for the Arweave Name System and incentivizing gateways.


ArNS: Arweave Name System


ArNS enables friendly names for transactions to make life easier in the Arweave ecosystem. Let’s see how!



Use tIO tokens to purchase ArNS names for webpages, applications or files stored on Arweave.

ArNS turns Arweave transaction IDs into friendly names.

Instead of browsing to go to ---> → or, ar://sam

Any gateway in network will support the friendly name: or or


AO computer

AO builders can now utilize human readable ArNS names as identifiers for processes, gamer tags, labels for specific data or entire apps.

Any AO Process can be mapped to a friendly name.

Quick guide for using ArNS with AO --->> AO ArNS Resolver | Docs



You can send AR, Smartweave or AO tokens with ArConnect to registered ArNS names.

Put a registered ArNS name instead of a long and complex wallet address to make sending transactions easier.



How to get an ArNS name?

Purchase names via using test IO (tIO) tokens.



With your tIO tokens you can join a gateway to the Network and/or delegate your stake to one of those gateways.


  1. Operate a gateway: Operating a gateway is easy - gateways can be setup in 15-30 minutes on a device as small as a Raspberry Pi.
    Joining the AR.IO Network requires staking tIO tokens. Joining the Network has many benefits, including rewards in tIO token which can be used for ArNS purchases, increasing a gateways stake, or delegated to a gateway.

    See all the gateways operating with the GAR and docs to get started.

  1. Delegate to a gateway: With delegated staking, anyone can participate in the rewards of gateways even without operating one. Stake tIO tokens to an operational gateway that accepts it to share in the rewards of that gateway’s performance.

    Learn more about delegated staking.


How can I get tIO tokens?

To get your tIO tokens come to the discord:

join discord -> #testnet channel -> type /apply and select the ArNS application or join AR.IO Network Application


What do tIO tokens have to do with mainnet IO tokens?

The tIO token are the first step in participating in the AR.IO - Your gateway to the permaweb ecosystem! They are not indicative of mainnet IO token.

At this time the IO token is not available on an exchange.

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