Powering the EXPerience: EXP Points

Why EXP + what are they for?

Users that participate in the AR.IO Experience are rewarded with EXP - onchain tokens that represent potential AR.IO mainnet IO token airdrops. EXP is an AO token - now that AR.IO is moving to AO, this should make it easier for users to understand where they stand in the AR.IO ecosystem. 


Zealy XP

Zealy XP are earned by completing quests. Zealy XP is converted to EXP weekly.

Experience Points (EXP)

EXP are transferable AO Computer-based “tokens” and proxies for potential AR.IO Network mainnet TGE.

View all of the available quests on Zealy

How are EXP acquired?

EXP are distributed two ways:

  1. One-time Historical performance based snapshot taken at blockheight 1415082

EXP serves as a proxy for potential rewards when the AR.IO Network goes mainnet. Historical EXP was distributed to thousands of wallets for tasks that include using ArDrive, running a good AR.IO Network testnet gateway, and much more.

Check out the full list of tasks that were rewarded for EXP, how much EXP was given for each task, and how many users received them here.

  1. AR.IO Experience - the ongoing quest-based program that anyone can participate in

Learn more about the AR.IO EXPerience

View all of the available quests on Zealy

Where can I see my points balance?

The best way to view your rank and all performed protocol activity is on our EXP leaderboard!

Onchain EXP balances can be viewed on three different platforms:

  1. EXP leaderboard

  2. By importing the token process ID (aYrCboXVSl1AXL9gPFe3tfRxRf0ZmkOXH65mKT0HHZw) into your ArConnect wallet through Settings>Tokens>Import Token.

  3. On AO Link: AOLink

Getting started

Start earning EXP points by completing Zealy quests.

Why do EXP points matter? 

EXP rewards loyal community members in the AR.IO ecosystem and serve as an incentive for new users and ecosystems that would benefit from permanent data. EXP gained during this period are potential proxies from IO tokens when our mainnet launches later this year.

View all of the available quests on Zealy

For additional information and rules please refer to the AR.IO EXPerience page.