ArNS: Lease vs Permanent Buy

The Arweave Name System (ArNS) offers two ways to own friendly, readable names on the permaweb: temporary leasing or permanent buying.

1. Leasing an ArNS Name

Similar to traditional Domain Name Services, ArNS gives you the ability to lease a name on yearly basis (maximum up to 5 years). At the end of the lease, you have a choice to renew that name or let it expire.

But if Arweave is focused on permanence, why is there a short-term leasing option?

The decision to provide leasing alongside buying comes down to one word—adaptability. The web is in constant flux, and ArNS's choice to offer leases reflects that some users need dynamic and flexible options for their digital identities.

Why choose leasing with ArNS for your project?

Leasing is smart when you want to stay agile and cost-efficient on a short-term project, or if you want to simply test the digital waters before making a big commitment. It’s similar to renting an apartment before putting down roots and buying a home.

Reasons for Leasing:

  • Financially accessible: Get started without a hefty investment.

  • Flexible and adaptable: Perfect for projects with a scope that may shift over time.

  • Avoids bricking: Valuable names could be snapped up permanently but then neglected due to loss of interest. Leasing opens these names up again.

  • Prevents Squatting: It deters name hoarding by adjusting prices based on ownership length.

  • Accessible: More affordable leases make valuable names accessible to all users.

2. Buying a Permanent Name

Permanent data is at the core of the Arweave protocol so the option to purchase ArNS names permanently is also available.

A permanent name means that you can purchase the name outright and it is yours to keep forever. No additional payments will be required.

Why choose buying a permanent name with ArNS?

Buying is your best bet for laying down digital roots. It's about commitment to a name that could become your brand's home for years to come.

Benefits of Buying:

  • Lifetime ownership: Once it's yours, it's yours forever.

  • A one-time deal: Pay once and never worry about renewal fees or losing your name.

  • Cement your digital legacy: Ideal for long-term projects where changing names could cause confusion.