What and Why of AR.IO

The what of AR.IO


The AR.IO Network helps people access the permaweb, a permanent version of the internet we know, but without any 404s or broken links.

AR.IO does this through a decentralized network of gateways, which acts as a bridge between users and the stored data on Arweave, that unlocks access to the permaweb.

In addition, AR.IO software also makes it possible to have the Arweave Name System, a decentralized domain name system for the permaweb.


Why do we need


  1. Decentralization - Originally, the permaweb was primarily served through one centralized gateway, ``. The AR.IO Network changes this with many different gateways for this critical infrastructure, which means more people can set up their own gateways, even at home. This makes the system more stable because it doesn't rely on just one point.

  2. Incentivization: Arweave rewards people for storing data for a very long time, but it doesn’t reward those who help by making this data accessible. AR.IO gateways address this issue by providing incentives for the operators who help run the network.

  3. Performance: Adding more gateways improves the network’s speed and ability to handle data. This results in faster downloads and better performance for apps, making it a great environment to develop new applications.

The software behind the AR.IO Network is designed to be adaptable, allowing operators to customize their gateways according to their needs and not be dependent on a centralized solutions.


Goal of the AR.IO network: The Permaweb


The permaweb is the top layer of the permanence stack used to interact with the data stored on Arweave, made easy through the AR.IO Network of gateways.

(permapie graphic)


Gateways for the Permaweb

The functionality and customizability of AR.IO gateways within the network opens up new ways for users and builders to utilize Arweave's permanent data. ie. Developers can interact with blockchain technology without having blockchain training.

As well, gateways can prioritize their gateway to serve a broader ecosystem, build their own business model on top of their gateway, or isolate their gateway only for themselves.


ArNS: Arweave Name System

The Arweave Name System is a decentralized domain name system for the permaweb.

ArNS can be used to tie friendly names to any data stored on Arweave that resolve across the AR.IO Network TLDs.

It turns this:

Into this:

Or even this: ar://england

Join In!

The best way to learn more about AR.IO and the permaweb is with AR.IO Experience: Our incentivized program that rewards people who engage with the ecosystem. 

Engage in quests to gain Experience Points (EXP) - onchain tokens that represent potential eligibility for the AR.IO airdrop.

In other words, EXP lets you level up for the IO token mainnet airdrop! 

Go to the AR.IO EXPerience