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Get a Wallet

An Arweave wallet is your passport to the permaweb

Arweave wallets hold $AR cryptocurrency used to pay for data storage on Arweave, NFTs, PSTs, and manage Arweave app permissions across the permaweb. Once you have a wallet & some $AR you can do things like:

There are a few ways to get an Arweave wallet, we’ll run through a couple of them here:

Via Arweave

Get one from Arweave & use the faucet for some $AR

Visit faucet.arweave.net to generate an Arweave wallet .JSON, choose to send a tweet & the Faucet will send you some $AR to get started on the Permaweb.

Via ArConnect

Install the ArConnect Browser Extension

Visit arconnect.io and get set up with an Arweave browser wallet extension (for Chromium & Firefox) that can create a wallet for you & keep your keys secure. This is a MetaMask like experience for the permaweb.