5 Reasons to Build on Permanance

Arweave was invented in 2018 as the first permanent data protocol. Since that time, a number of decentralized infrastructure projects, such as gateways, have been built around the protocol to complement and enhance working with permanent data.

With the launch of Arweave, developers have discovered new ways to use permanent data beyond what cloud and centralized storage typically allow.

Five advantages of developing with permanent data on Arweave:

  1. Open Source, Permissionless, and Composable

  • Recapture the spirit of the original vision of the Internet — move it back into the read-write servers where you can get open source data, and use it the way you see fit.

  • Permissionless and composable data is the place to start building your next project.

  1. No Silos of Data

  • No more building on 3rd party apps, and then have them change the terms or, worst, wall the app up without notice.

  • Have you ever coded an API to a service and they change it and it breaks you? This predictable nightmare means your API is rug pulled. However, there is no reason for this to happen if you are working with pure data.

  1. Hello, Agency

  • Self-sovereign data access! With Arweave’s permanent hard drive that never forgets and an gateway, you are as close as you are going to get to a full-node. With this set up you then have unrestricted access to the data you care about — and a lot more under your control.

  1. Addressability of Data

  • Existing internet is all about locations — if I want to get a piece of data physical data it needs to be there — that whole addressing scheme is something you have no control over.

  • With permanent data, addressing is about the content and the metadata.

  1. Build on the New Frontier

  • There is so much to learn, build, and contribute in this new and upcoming environment. This is one of the significant technological developments of our time — get in on it before it enters into the mainstream.

  • With the open source, permissionless, and composable protocol we are convinced that together, we will reach greater heights.

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