How can I get the tIO token?

The tIO (testnet IO token) is needed to join the AR.IO Network Testnet and purchase ArNS names, but how do you get it?


How do I get tIO token?

The only way to obtain the tIO token is to apply in the Discord.

It’s easy once you get there - Don’t be shy, come by and get your initial tIO tokens.

join discord -> #testnet channel -> type /apply and select the ArNS application or join AR.IO Network Application

However, don’t stop there because there are a number of ways to GET more tIO tokens!


How do I earn more tIO tokens?

There are three ways to obtain more tIO tokens:

  1. Operate a gateway: If you have the developer skills run a gateway. Operate a gateway, stake your tIO tokens, and earn more tIO tokens for good performance. Check out our docs.

  2. Delegate tIO tokens to a gateway: You can still participate in the operation of gateways if you don’t run one with delegated staking.
    Find an operator you think has good performance and stake some tIO tokens to it. As the gateway has good performance you will also share in the rewards and earn more tIO tokens

  3. Observer rewards: Gateways participate in observing the health of other gateways and the network, and their gateway peers' performance to resolve ArNS names. Incentivized rewards for Observers will got to the gateway operator and the delegated stakers.

    BONUS: Earn tIO by participating in community events and helping out newcomers with their questions in the Discord!


What do tIO tokens have to do with IO tokens?


The tIO token are the first step in participating in the ecosystem! They are not indicative of mainnet IO token.

At this time the IO token is not available on an exchange.

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