What is the permaweb?

What is the permaweb?

The permaweb stands for the permanent web, a collection of all the webpages, apps, and files stored on top of the Arweave network. It is similar in feel and use of the current internet except that everything uploaded to it remains permanent and cannot be deleted. 

How does the permaweb relate to AR.IO and Arweave?

The permaweb is the top layer of permanence (and the layer that you see) and consists of any data that is stored on and utilizes Arweave permanent storage. This includes:

  • Web Applications

  • Files: Docs, Audio, Video etc.

  • Web Pages

In other words, it is the web of information stored on Arweave enlivened with the functionality of the AR.IO Network. 

What does the permaweb offer?

For users and builders, the permaweb offers low-cost, zero maintenance, permanent hosting of their web apps, files, and web pages.

No more lost data, broken links, and decommissioned apps!

Building on the permaweb

Permanent data offers new ways for builders and developers to create applications that were not possible before.

The most notable example of this is the AO computer which is the hyper parallel computer that exists because of permanent data. This is pushing new applications in DeFi, social media, and AI all made possible because of Arweave as the base layer.

All with AR.IO indexing, caching, and retrieving the data.

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